It is 25 years after the conclusive Battle of Endor, a moment where most galactic historians say the Empire truly fell. The past two decades have been a time of turbulence, rebuilding after a ten year long galactic war the likes of which had never been seen for millennia. But the galaxy is slowly healing itself. Open warfare has ceased and a tentative peace between the New Republic and the various Imperial warlords has been achieved. Skirmishes are still common, but no where near the destruction of before.

But in these tense yet peaceful times, diplomacy and surgical precision is needed to deal with sensitive issues. To help deal with this, the New Republic has joined forces with an ancient ally recently reborn: the Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker has re-established the Order on the old Rebel base of Yavin 4, coincidentally a place rich in the Force as well as galactic history. Over the years, talented and gifted children and teenagers have made their way to the Academy to learn to use the Force. Their education in the ancient art has been rounded out with formal education as much as the Order has been able to provide, but there have been gaps.

Now, the recent batch of graduates have been thrust onto the galactic stage, fresh from their training and ready to make a difference. But the galaxy is a dangerous place, with long shadows and dangers that have laid dormant for centuries….

Star Wars: Darkness Falls

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